Photography vs Videography // The Unique Value of Wedding Videos

Unlike all your other wedding expenses, your photography & video investment increases in value as the years go by and the memories start to fade.  A video is a return ticket to a moment otherwise forgotten.

We all know that wedding photography is a must. In the past, wedding videography has been seen as more of a “luxury”, but in recent years, it’s become more essential to include it in your wedding budget. According to The Knot, wedding videos are a must-have and most couples deeply regret it if they don’t hire a videographer.

Here are the main reasons couples are prioritizing wedding videography:

 wedding video videographer regret must have



Photography captures all of the formal, timeless images you need to have from your wedding day – posed portraits of the two of you that you can hang up on your wall, photos with your bridal party, and family portraits you can share with future generations.

Photographs are a great way to eternalize snapshots of individual moments throughout the day, but nothing sums up the entirety of the day & the mood as a whole like a highlight video does.

There are several things photography can’t capture that only video can. Still photographs can’t capture audio, mannerisms, and motion. A video allows you to see your dad’s lip quivering as he walks you down the aisle, tears well up in your husband’s eyes the first time he sees you as a bride, your interactions with each other as you’re taking portraits, your veil blowing in the wind, or a slow motion kiss.

A video will remind you of all the sentimental things that were said on your wedding day. You’ll be able to hear your voices crack as you read letters from each other, the applause from your guests when you’re officially pronounced husband and wife, the tears as you say your vows, and the laughter during the reception speeches.


wedding video videographer regret must have



No matter how much you try to be “present” on your wedding day, there will inevitably be moments you aren’t able to witness. Our job is to capture all of those real, candid moments that you might have missed (or forgot even happened!) so you can relive every special moment of your wedding day for years to come.


wedding video videographer regret must have



Hopefully you are able to have as many of your loved ones, family members, and friends with you on your wedding day, but unfortunately, things do happen. Maybe you have family oversees, a relative is in the hospital, or maybe you had to cut your guest list short because of venue restrictions. Having a wedding video will allow you to share it with loved ones wherever they are in the world so they can watch it and experience the entire day as if they were there in person.


wedding video videographer regret must have



When you first think of a wedding video, you may think of your parents’ painfully long wedding video with 2+ hours of unedited footage. Modern wedding videos are nothing like that. The most popular option is a highlight video, which is a 5-10 minute video that combines edited footage, music, and the best audio clips from the day, so you can relive all your favorite memories in a “short & sweet” video.



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May 2, 2019

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