In addition to the traditional First Look, there are at least five other types of reveals you can do on your wedding day! (Note: Please add around 10-15 minutes for each type of first look to your timeline) Bridesmaids Reveal. Father-Daughter First Look. First Touch. Some couples choose to use this moment to read their vows to each other privately, if they don’t want to read personally-written vows during their ceremony publicly. NOTE: Since a First Touch doesn’t involve you two seeing each other before the ceremony (only holding each other’s hand for a brief moment), it doesn’t have the same logistical benefits of a First Look. Doggy First Look. The Bride’s First Look at Herself.

the five different types of other first looks

November 6, 2023

The Five *Other* Types of First Looks

If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same location, with no gap between the ceremony and cocktail hour, I highly recommend doing a First Look.

If your ceremony (typically at a church) and reception are in different locations, with a 1.5+ hour gap in between, I would recommend not having a First Look and taking most of the portraits after the ceremony instead.

should we have a first look pros cons

September 15, 2023

“Should We Have a First Look at Our Wedding?”

We’re going to be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day so I figured I’d share a bit more about myself, my interests, and who I am! •  I’m not just Type A, I’m Type AA (think Monica from “Friends”). I love planning, organizing, and tidying everything in my life. •  I […]

luxury hudson valley wedding photographer lin pernille

August 10, 2023

Fun Facts About Lin Pernille!

“What’s the process like to have you capture our wedding?” I love starting the process by getting to know you two – how you met, your favorite things to do together, your proposal story, and your vision for your wedding day. (Don’t be afraid to be long-winded, I love hearing details!) Next, we’ll go over all the information about packages & pricing. We’ll schedule a video call or an in-person meeting to discuss details and any questions you may have.

April 16, 2023

The Lin Pernille Experience – “What’s the process like to have you capture our wedding?”

  Audio is such an important component of a wedding film – it’s literally half of the final product! I dedicate a large amount of time during post production to selecting music that sets the right mood and matches with the visuals. I put a lot of thought into piecing together audio from the reception […]

tips on how to write wedding morning letters and vows for a great highlight video

January 13, 2021

How Handwritten Vows & Letters Can Take Your Wedding Video to the Next Level

I know how much time and thought went into choosing the perfect accessories to showcase the style you envisioned for your wedding day. We want to be sure to capture every little detail! Here’s a list of some of the items you may want to gather together on your wedding morning for us to photograph. […]

wedding details checklist for bride prep and groom prep

October 8, 2020

Wedding Details & Accessories Checklist // Bride Prep & Groom Prep Detail Shots

  The invention of Pinterest & Tik Tok has been both a blessing and a curse for wedding planning: it has provided an endless supply of inspiration and resources, yet it has created a tendency to copy rather than create, which tends to stifle true innovation. As a self-admitted perfectionist and overly obsessive planner, I […]

a photographer's perspective on shot lists and pinterest for wedding planning

March 23, 2020

A Photographer’s Perspective on Pinterest & TikTok for Wedding Planning

While we don’t need an overall shot list of every single photo you’d like on your wedding day, it is very helpful for us to have a bulleted list of each grouping of family members you’d like us to capture during Family Portraits.     The Benefits of a Family Shot List: If you both have large […]

family shot list example wedding photography family portraits

March 21, 2020

Why Family Shot Lists Are So Useful on Wedding Days

  After shooting almost 200 weddings, I can confidently say that my favorite parts of any wedding day are the speeches and vows. They tell the couple’s love story and create the framework for a great wedding film. If you’ve been given the honor of giving at toast at a wedding – no pressure! It may […]

how to write and deliver a great moh bm wedding toast speech

December 27, 2019

How to Write & Deliver the Perfect Wedding Speech

Unlike all your other wedding expenses, your photography & video investment increases in value as the years go by and the memories start to fade.  A video is a return ticket to a moment otherwise forgotten. We all know that wedding photography is a must. In the past, wedding videography has been seen as more of a “luxury”, but […]

wedding video videographer regret must have

May 2, 2019

Photography vs Videography // The Unique Value of Wedding Videos

Have a super large bridal party? Lucky you to have so many loved ones – that’s a good problem to have! Having a large bridal party is a lot of fun but it also has its challenges. Here are some ways to overcome those obstacles.     BRIDAL PARTY PHOTOS The “entire bridal party in a […]

super large bridal party photos tips

October 18, 2018

Have a Super Large Bridal Party? No Problem!!

   Planning the Perfect Wedding Timeline Planning the perfect wedding timeline is the key to a stress-free wedding. It’s the backbone of your wedding day and ensures that the entire day runs smoothly, from start to finish. During our first consultation, we’ll make a preliminary timeline based upon your wedding information. A few months before […]

October 15, 2018

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline

  #LinPernilleGrooms – this post is for you! I’ve learned so much about menswear since becoming a wedding photographer.  Photographing so many Groom Preps has taught me how to fold a pocket square, the difference between French cuffs and barrel cuffs, the different types of shoe lace styles, how to put on a boutonniere, how […]

groom prep tips advice and checklist

January 9, 1202

Groom Prep & Menswear Tips For a Smooth Wedding Morning

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