I can’t believe we’re officially halfway through 2024! I encourage you to take some time this week to remind yourself what you had envisioned for 2024, reflect on the shortcomings and silver linings this year has brought about, analyze any progress you’ve made on your goals, and form a plan for how to make the most […]

mid year goal setting follow up worksheets

June 24, 2024

Free 2024 Mid-Year Goals Follow-up Worksheets

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have fallen in love with a career that allows me to balance my personal life with my business on my own terms. While it definitely stinks that I don’t get a paid maternity leave like I would’ve at a corporate job, I’m very blessed to have the flexibility to […]

pregnancy maternity leave tips luxury wedding photographer videographer

February 15, 2024

My Pregnancy Journey as a Luxury Wedding Photographer & Videographer

  In the wedding industry, winter is often referred to as “slow season” but if you’re a wedding professional, you know it’s anything but slow. Winter is our opportunity to take care of all of the administrative tasks that we don’t have time to do during busy wedding season. January is an especially busy time […]

small business owner wedding photographer slow season to do list

January 16, 2024

The Small Business Owner “Slow Season” To Do List

  Download this year’s free 2024 Goal Setting Workbook with prompts to reflect upon the past year, analyze your achievements and shortcomings, decide on a vision & theme for the new year, and set S.M.A.R.T & D.O.P.E goals:   You can also purchase a printed copy of the workbook here.   We’ll cover both the positives and […]

2024 free goal setting workbook worksheets download

December 26, 2023

Free 2024 Goal Setting Workbook!

We all know that the IRS just loves throwing a wrench in our tax filing systems. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but it’s not actually that bad (just a change in paperwork): If you hired any independent contractors throughout the year (second shooters, assistants, etc) that earned $600+, you used to have to […]

example template new 1099-NEC IRS form as of 2020

January 20, 2021

The New 1099-NEC IRS Form for Second Shooters & Independent Contractors (formerly 1099-MISC)

I can’t believe we’re officially halfway through 2020! WOW has it been one hell of a year. I think it’s safe to say that back in January, when we took time to set goals & visualize our year, we did NOT expect any of this. Just because this year hasn’t been turning out the way we […]

goals 2020 mid year follow up worksheets covid reflections

June 30, 2020

Free 2020 Mid-Year Goals Followup Worksheets

  The extended tax deadline is less than a month away! My biggest tip for making tax prep painless is to make sure your tax deductions are categorized correctly. Here’s a cheat sheet of some typical expenses you can write off as a photographer and how I recommend you categorize the transactions in your bookkeeping […]

categorizing photography business tax deductions cheat sheet

April 20, 2020

Categorizing Your Photography Business Tax Deductions // Cheat Sheet!

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business mileage deduction log tracking manually

March 26, 2020

How to Manually Log Miles for a Small Business // Business Mileage Deduction Tracking

Market shifts are inevitable. Whether it’s a recession or natural disaster or health crisis, our small businesses will always be tested, it just so happens that this COVID-19 crisis directly impacts the event industry and wedding professionals are being hit extra hard. On March 15th, the CDC recommended cancelling (or hopefully postponing) any gatherings with 50+ attendees for 8 […]

wedding event industry covid19 coronavirus small business productive cancellations to do list tasks stay afloat making the most

March 16, 2020

Staying Productive & Successful Throughout COVID-19 Wedding & Event Cancellations

About a year ago, my boyfriend convinced me to get a smartwatch. At first, I was super hesitant because my mental image of a smartwatch was a techy, nerdy-looking, and not-very-classy gadget. However, when he showed me a picture of the Rose Gold Garmin Vivoactive 3, I was sold. After wearing the watch every day […]

how i use my smart watch on wedding days as a photographer videographer

December 8, 2019

How I Use My Smartwatch as a Wedding Photographer & Videographer

If you use part of your home as a photography studio or home office, chances are this is a big opportunity for a substantial tax write-off! Click below for a free download of the template I use to calculate my home office deduction:     Determining What Areas Qualify The first step is to determine what areas of your […]

home office deduction tax write off template

March 1, 2019

Calculating Your Home Office Expenses As a Tax Write-Off // Free Template!

Life is unpredictable. After you’ve set up your business as an LLC in one state, the day might come that you’ll have to move your business to a different state. I recently moved from Jersey City to Westchester County and had to figure out how to move my LLC from NJ to NY. It did involve some […]

moving a nj new jersey llc business to ny new york

February 22, 2019

Moving an LLC from NJ to NY // Relocating Your Photography Business

If you’re a professional photographer in the state of NJ, chances are you might be required to collect sales tax for some of your products. Here’s a video explaining what types of sales are eligible, how to register to collect taxes, and how to remit your taxes to the state:       TIPS & RESOURCES: […]

collecting nj sales tax as a photographer

October 17, 2018

Collecting NJ Sales Tax as a Photographer

Welcome to my home studio in Jersey City! When I first started hunting for condos after graduating college, I wanted to find a place that I could both live in and also use as a home office & photography studio for my business. This condo (ironically the first unit I even looked at!) turned out to be the perfect fit […]

home photography studio and office setup

October 11, 2018

My Home Office & Photography Studio

One of the most crucial tasks to do while scaling your wedding photography business is to collect data and stats about as many areas of your business as you can. The main document where I store all of my client information is my LTD (life-to-date) Excel Spreadsheet.     This is where I store ALL the data related […]

photography client spreadsheet for tracking stats

April 11, 2018

Photography Client Spreadsheet // Free Template

  If you’ve decided that this is the year that you’re going to make your business official – hooray! After creating an LLC, the first step towards separating your personal and business finances is creating a Small Business Checking Account. Keeping your accounts separate is not only required in order to maintain your “corporate veil” and be […]

photography small business checking bank account comparison chart

January 30, 2018

Opening a Business Bank Account // Comparison Chart

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