There are some things wedding photos just can’t capture, like audio, mannerisms, and motion. Only a wedding video allows you to see your dad’s lip quivering as he walks you down the aisle, tears well up in your husband’s eyes the first time he sees you as a bride, your interactions with each other as you’re taking portraits, your veil blowing in the wind, or a slow motion kiss.

A video will remind you of all the sentimental things that were said on your wedding day. You’ll be able to hear your voices crack as you read letters from each other, the applause from your guests when you’re officially pronounced husband and wife, the tears as you say your vows, and the laughter during the reception speeches.

No matter how much you try to be “present” on your wedding day, there will inevitably be moments you aren’t able to witness. Our job is to capture all of those real, candid moments that you might have missed (or forgot even happened!) so you can relive every special moment of your wedding day for years to come.


Highlight Video  (5-8 mins)

All video packages include a 5-8 minute edited highlight video showcasing all of the greatest moments of your big day. The video tastefully combines edited video footage, licensed music, and recorded audio of vows & speeches so that you can re-watch and re-live your wedding day for many years to come!


Long Form Edit or "Documentary Edit"  (45-90 mins)

Long-form edited video of main events of the day, including full ceremony and speeches


Full Ceremony Video  (~15-60 mins)

Separate multi-angle, edited video of full wedding ceremony


Full Reception Speeches  (~10-30+ mins)

Separate multi-angle, edited video of all reception speeches/toasts


Teaser Video  (~60 seconds)

1-minute "short and sweet" video, for sharing on Instagram and social media

Same Day Edit: Teaser delivered same-day, at the end of your reception!!

Photo AND Video Packages   Video ONLY Packages

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