Photography Client Spreadsheet // Free Template

One of the most crucial tasks to do while scaling your wedding photography business is to collect data and stats about as many areas of your business as you can.

The main document where I store all of my client information is my LTD (life-to-date) Excel Spreadsheet.

free wedding photography client spreadsheet for tracking stats

This is where I store ALL the data related to every couple I’ve ever worked with so that I can crunch numbers to make educated business decisions.

After filling in the spreadsheet, you will be able to answer tons of important questions about your own business including:

  • How many weddings you’ve shot each year
  • How many of the weddings were your own bookings vs second shot
  • Your most popular type of package
  • What venues & locations you’ve shot at
  • The average number of images you deliver per hour of shooting
  • Which second shooter you used, if any, and how many of their shots you used
  • How much income you’re projected to make based on your current bookings
  • The average length of time prior to the wedding that clients book you
  • Your turnaround time (from wedding date to delivery date)
  • Your conversion rate & stats about the inquiries that didn’t lead to bookings
  • And sooo much more!

You can download a free template of my Wedding Photography Client Spreadsheet here!

FREE Client Spreadsheet Template

Download a free template of the spreadsheet I use to store all the data & stats from my photography clients!

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April 11, 2018

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