Stone House at Stirling Ridge Cozy Winter Wedding // Alycia + Garret

After being engaged for over two years and having so many wrenches thrown in their wedding planning, I’m so happy for Alycia & Garret that they’re finally officially married!

Although it wasn’t what they originally intended, their wedding turned out to be the most beautiful, cozy, winter wedding at Stone House at Stirling Ridge.


Alycia got ready in her childhood home and I love how sentimental it was:

Getting ready for my wedding day in my childhood home and bedroom was something I had always dreamed about. I have so many memories in that bedroom, along with in that house, that I knew no bridal suite could ever replace. I’m so happy that I was able to do it and that it was everything that I ever could have envisioned. Now, not only do I think about all of my childhood memories when I see that room, but I think about the night before my wedding day, that I spent with my dad and brother joking around like we always did before we went to bed as kids. I think about that being the place where I put my wedding dress on to marry my best friend and love of my life, and I think about all of the memories I had growing up in that room as a kid. The laughs, the tears, and all of the happy times… And even though I am in my own home now with my husband, my childhood home and bedroom will always have my heart.

How cute is the way her dad looks at her all dressed up as a bride. 🥺

She had a blue heart from one of her grandmother’s jackets sewn into her dress in memory of her and as her “something blue.”

Garret and his mom & brother had little charms with photos of Garret’s father attached to their boutonnières & corsage so he could be there in spirit on his wedding day.

Alycia & Garret have been together since college and have been looking forward to their wedding for years. Although they had to postpone their summer wedding due to COVID, I’m so happy they finally got to have their special day to celebrate their love story:

I saw Garret for the first time when I was at my friend’s house. We were all getting in the car to go out and Garret walked by the house while he was walking his dog. I asked my friend’s boyfriend about him (since they were friends); however, he informed me that Garret had just gotten out of a three year relationship, so I decided that I probably shouldn’t bother especially since I was leaving to go away to college in South Carolina that summer. Long story short, when I would come home to visit, I would ask my guy friends (who were friends with him) to invite him out, etc. Eventually, he came to one of my parties at my house and although we didn’t talk much that night, he helped my mom take out the garbage. The next morning I texted him to thank him for doing that, and we were talking ever since. We were just friends that year and really got to know one another (since we were both in college in two different states), then the following year we started hanging out more and more when I came home and we were dating by the following spring! I ended up transferring colleges after two years in South Carolina, so the timing worked out perfectly.

Garret proposed on April 14th, 2018 at Fox Hollow Winery in front of our closest friends and immediate family. I thought it was just going to be a typical Saturday at the winery with our friends; however, he blind folded me and told me there was someone outside to see me. I had thought it was going to be one of my friends from South Carolina, but it ended up being my dad’s puppy (who is now ours!) When I picked up the puppy, on the tag, Garret had put will you marry me? And then he proposed! I couldn’t even cry because I was so nervous! But it was the best day ever!

The Stone House at Stirling Ridge was the perfect venue for their cozy winter wedding. I’m obsessed with this stone fire place that was the backdrop for their ceremony!

Their ceremony was officiated by Alycia’s brother Robert – it was his first time officiating but he did a great job! Such a personal touch.

The thing I love most about Garret is how patient he is. Not only is he extremely patient with me, but he is my biggest supporter in everything I do. He also makes me laugh every single day and I couldn’t be more grateful for him and the for the laughs we share together!

Garret loves that I accept him for who he is. He loves that he doesn’t need to change anything about himself or hide anything from me.

Congratulations, you two!!

Photos by Luxury North Jersey Wedding Photographer Lin Pernille.


Photo & Video:  @linpernille
Venue:  @stonehousenj
DJ:  @jasonjani @sceeventgroup
Florist:  @awflowersnj
Hair Stylist:  @jordanpablehair
Makeup Artist:  @jennaapel
Wedding Dress:  @kleinfeldbridal
Bride: @alyciathielstyle
Bride’s Shoes:  @badgleymischka
Bridesmaid Dresses:  @verawang @davidsbridal
Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits:  @menswearhouse
Officiant:  @robertjohn601

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December 26, 2020

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