Download the free  2022 Goal Setting Workbook  with prompts to reflect upon 2021, analyze your achievements and shortcomings over the past year, decide on a vision & theme for the new year, and set SMART & DOPE goals:    We’ll cover both the positives and negatives: What goals (both unexpected & expected) did you […]

free 2022 goal setting workbook download

December 22, 2021

Free 2022 Goal Setting Workbook!

   If ever there’s been a time to reflect upon the past year, hit refresh, and set new intentions for the new year, this is it.    Download the free 2021 Goal Setting Workbook with prompts to reflect upon the effects of the pandemic, analyze your achievements, sacrifices, and shortcomings over the past year, decide on a vision & […]

free 2021 goal setting workbook

December 26, 2020

Free 2021 Goal Setting Workbook!

I can’t believe we’re officially halfway through 2020! WOW has it been one hell of a year. I think it’s safe to say that back in January, when we took time to set goals & visualize our year, we did NOT expect any of this. Just because this year hasn’t been turning out the way we […]

goals 2020 mid year follow up worksheets covid reflections

June 30, 2020

Free 2020 Mid-Year Goals Followup Worksheets

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