Life is unpredictable. After you’ve set up your business as an LLC in one state, the day might come that you’ll have to move your business to a different state. I recently moved from Jersey City to Westchester County and had to figure out how to move my LLC from NJ to NY. It did involve some […]

moving a nj new jersey llc business to ny new york

February 22, 2019

Moving an LLC from NJ to NY // Relocating Your Photography Business

If you’re a professional photographer in the state of NJ, chances are you might be required to collect sales tax for some of your products. Here’s a video explaining what types of sales are eligible, how to register to collect taxes, and how to remit your taxes to the state:       TIPS & RESOURCES: […]

collecting nj sales tax as a photographer

October 17, 2018

Collecting NJ Sales Tax as a Photographer

One of the most crucial tasks to do while scaling your wedding photography business is to collect data and stats about as many areas of your business as you can. The main document where I store all of my client information is my LTD (life-to-date) Excel Spreadsheet.     This is where I store ALL the data related […]

photography client spreadsheet for tracking stats

April 11, 2018

Photography Client Spreadsheet // Free Template

  If you’ve decided that this is the year that you’re going to make your business official – hooray! After creating an LLC, the first step towards separating your personal and business finances is creating a Small Business Checking Account. Keeping your accounts separate is not only required in order to maintain your “corporate veil” and be […]

photography small business checking bank account comparison chart

January 30, 2018

Opening a Business Bank Account // Comparison Chart

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