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By the time I graduated college, I had a combined 8 years of photography & business education. While my classes were very inspiring and taught me great information about concepts and theory, I didn't learn any specific, concrete information about the actual steps you need to take to start & run a successful photography business.

I've taken all of the information I have learned throughout my formal education, plus all of the priceless information I learned from experience, and compiled it into a 4-hour in-person workshop. The workshop includes fresh baked scones, unlimited cups of tea, four hours of jam-packed information, Q&A sessions and discussions, and a take-home workbook with prompts, resources, and more.

I'll cover everything from how to set up a business correctly & legally, to how to track & analyze your business growth, how to price your services, and tons of technical tips to set you up for success. By the end of the workshop, you will have all the resources & guidance you need to successfully launch your business without years and years of trial-and-error.

November 19th | Oakhurst, NJ


– Chad Mooney

"The workshop was a great help to me for both personal and business reasons. Hearing this kind of startup information from an experienced professional truly has helped me feel much more prepared for the future. The entire presentation was well-executed and thoroughly detailed; you answered many of the questions I needed to ask. I will definitely be implementing what I was able to learn from this workshop into, hopefully, a stronger name in the business."

– Danni Siminerio

"I wanted to personally thank you for your workshop yesterday. I learned so much that they neglect to teach you in photo school and I feel so much less intimidated and more motivated to begin the business side of my career. Additionally, you really inspired me as an aspiring educator. I look forward to following the classes you offer in the future!"

– Barbara Marcella

"What a great workshop! I learned all of the things that you need to know when starting a business... step by step! Definitely recommend this course to anyone that needs help with the foundation of starting your photography business."

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