It's almost your big day!!

Once you're finished with all of your final wedding plans, please fill out the following questions so I have all of the necessary details about your wedding. (If something doesn't apply to you, you can just leave it blank.)

I’m sure you’re probably super busy with your last minute planning but please try to submit this questionnaire 2-3 weeks before your wedding date so I can pass along all the logistics & information to my team. Thank you!!

Would you like to schedule a Final Details Call to go over your timeline and details? If so, what upcoming dates/times work best with you?
Do you have any other comments or questions for me?
Besides marrying your fiancé, what are you most excited for at your wedding??

Are you going on a honeymoon? If so, where are you going and when will you be gone? (I'll try to avoid mailing your flash drive package while you're away!)
If you are changing your last name, what will both of your full legal names be after the wedding?
What is your current mailing address? (If you move at any time after the wedding, please let me know so I can update my records!)



Wedding Bands

Engagement Ring


Dance Lessons

Cake Topper

Wedding Cake

Escort Cards



Ceremony Musicians



Groomsmen Suits


Groom's Watch

Groom's Shoes

Groom's Suit (Store)

Groom's Suit (Designer)

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bride's Jewelry

Bride's Veil

Bride's Shoes

Wedding Dress (Store)

Wedding Dress (Designer)

Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist




Reception Venue

Ceremony Location



When I post your photos, I would love to give proper credit to everyone involved. Please list the name and website (if you know it) for anyone who helped make your big day happen! (Just fill in the ones that apply to you & leave the rest blank.)

If you know their Instagram handle, please include that so I can tag them! If you include their email address, I’ll also happily send them some photos of their work so they can use them in their portfolios. (Vendors are always SO grateful for this!)


Do you have an Instagram wedding hashtag? If you'd like me to tag you in posts, what are your Instagram handles?

Do you have any scars, tattoos, blemishes, insecurities, etc. you'd like us to be mindful of or try to hide? Any features that you love and want us to accentuate?
Which events/formalities will be taking place during your reception and at what times? (If you're not sure, your DJ or venue will usually be able to let you know.) If you're not sure of the exact time, please just be sure to list them in the order they will be occurring. If anyone will be giving a speech/toast/blessing, please list who will be speaking.

Ex: 7pm - entrances, 7:10 - first dance, 7:13 - father daughter dance, 7:16 - mother son dance, 7:25 - welcome toast (bride's dad), 7:30 - dinner served, 8pm - speeches (MOH & BM), 9:30 - a surprise!, 10:25 - cake cutting, 10:35 - bouquet toss, 10:40 - garter toss, 11pm - sparkler exit

Are there any photography or video restrictions during the ceremony? We always make it a goal to stay discrete & out of the way, but please let us know if your officiant has any specific rules or restrictions.
Does your ceremony have a religious/cultural affiliation? Are any special events happening during the ceremony? (sand ceremony, unity candle, wrote your own vows, full mass, ketubah, bubble exit, etc). Will you be doing a receiving line after the ceremony? Will you be doing a ceremony exit (with guests blowing bubbles, tossing petals, etc)?

Are you giving each other wedding morning gifts/letters before the ceremony? Would you like us to capture you reading the letters out loud?
We will definitely be taking lots of details shots, but please let me know if there are any special details or projects you would like us to pay extra attention to (if anything was handmade or has any special significance to you, please let me know!) Are there any surprises or unique events happening during the day? Anything you'd like us to pay extra attention to?

What is your wedding color scheme (the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, ties, linens, flowers, etc)? What is the theme, aesthetic, vision, etc. for your wedding?
If you have any unique family situations (remarriages, unamicable divorces, deaths, or sensitive issues), please let us know so we can be respectful and don't hurt anyone's feelings during the portraits!

(Ex: "Bride's parents Jane & Bill are divorced. Jane's new husband is Henry. Please don't ask for shots of Jane & Bill together, except for the big family shot - thanks")

Please make a list of all of the family portraits you'd like.
(If you have a large family, this list is very helpful! We use it as a checklist so we can go through the family portraits as smoothly & quickly as possible.)

Please include the title of the shot as well as the names of all people in the photo.
Click here for an example Family Shot List.

Ex: "Bride's Immediate Family - Smith Family: Bride & Groom with Anne (mom), Larry (dad), Amy (sister), John (brother), Nicole (sister in law)".
Ring Bearer(s):
Flower Girl(s):
Best Man/Men:
Maid(s) of Honor:
Please list the names of everyone in your wedding party:
Total number in your wedding party:
Total number of guests:


If your wedding planner has already created a timeline, please send a copy to so we can be sure to work around their schedule. Thanks!

City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Start & End Time:
City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Start & End Time:
City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Actual Start & End Time:
Invitation Time (guest arrival):
City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Start & End Time:
(if applicable – otherwise portraits will take place after the ceremony)
City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Start & End Time:
City, State, Zip Code:
Street Address:
Location Name:
Start & End Time:
(hair & makeup should be nearly or completely done by the time we arrive)
End Time:
Start Time:
What time would you like your photography/video coverage to start & end? (Please refer to your contract for the number of hours of coverage included in your package, or contact Lin if you're not sure.)


BM's Cell Number:
Best Man's Name:
MOH's Cell Number:
Maid Of Honor's Name:
A contact person for each of you, in case we can't get in touch with you on your wedding day:
Planner's Cell Number:
Planner's Email Address:
Planner's Name:
Groom's Cell Number:
Groom's Email Address:
Groom's Name:
Bride's Cell Number:
Bride's Email Address:
Bride's Name:


Thank you!!

I know your Wedding To Do List is probably a mile long so I really appreciate you taking the time to fill this out! Having all of these details allows me to be super organized & informed and make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Feel free to call, text, or email me at any time if you think of anything else!

Can't wait til your big day!!